Torque Tester – Digital


The Secure Pak Digital Torque Tester makes control of bottle cap closure tightness easier and more reliable than ever before. The Digital Torque Tester is one step above the Spring Torque Tester, which has been setting the industry standard for years.


Beverage factory and Breweries for quality control of bottle caps


  • Covers the entire testing range of cap sizes operating from 0 -100 inch lbs, for both removal and application
  • Reads in 0.1 inch lb. increments
  • Has an accuracy of approx. 2% of full scale or reading
  • Holds the peak reading for approximately 30 seconds, so that readings can be recorded manually
  • Operates on either 110 V using a step-down transformer with 9 V output or a 9 V alkaline battery for use in remote or laboratory locations
  • Net weight of tester: 5.4 kg
  • Shipping information: 6.8 kg, 50 cm x 30 cm x 14 cm


For an additional charge, we can furnish these testers with a Teflon finish on all exposed metal parts. This provides a hard, wear-resistant, anti-stick, permanently lubricated surface that will resist chipping, cracking, flaking, and peeling. This Teflon coating will protect the tester from damage by most chemicals, ingredients, and solvents.

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