Refractometer – Pocket Pal Series


Ideal for measurement of brix in food and beverages, the Pal series is a newly designed series of refractometers ergonomically designed to be palm-fitting and smooth, thus high in hygienic properties.


  • Fruit and vegetable farms
  • Beverage factories
  • Food factories
  • Fruit and vegetable markets or supermarkets
  • Restaurants or food shops
  • Educational institutions / research


  • Water resistant IP67 – can be washed under running water.
  • The PAL can measure high temperature samples during the heating and cooking process.
  • Equipped with new technology “External Light Interference” (ELI), enables accurate measurements to be taken with ease and confidence near a window or outside.
  • Calibrate with water – no standard solutions necessary.
  • Light and compact, 100g.
  • Automatic temperature compensation (ATC).
  • Approved by HACCP.

Measurement Method:

  1. Apply 2-3 drops onto the prism surface.
  2. Press the start key.
  3. Brix % value displayed in 3 seconds!

Models available:

  • PAL 1 – has the low / intermediate measurement range of Brix 0.0 – 53.0%. It can be used to measure the brix value of fruit juices, coffee, soft drinks, sauces, syrups, jellies, seasoning and soups as well as chemicals and industrial solutions such as cutting oil, cleaning liquid and anti-freeze.
  • PAL-ALPHA – The PAL-Alpha is a special model with a wide brix range (0-85%) offered at a very reasonable price. PAL-Alpha is useful for measuring most kinds of samples as well as samples that are used in the cooking process.
  • Guarantee:

    One year

Cat No 3810 3840
Measurement Range Brix 0.0 – 53.0% Brix 0.0 – 85%
Resolution Brix 0.1%; temperature 0.1°C

Accuracy Brix approx. 0.2% Brix approx. 0.2%
Repeatability Brix 0.1%
10 – 100°C – Automatic Temperature Compensation

10 – 40°C

Power Supply AAA alkaline battery x 2
Battery Life ± 11 000 measurements
Protection Class
IP 65 Water resistant
Dimensions &
55 W x 31D x109H (mm), 100g
  • Refractometer
  • Batteries
  • Instruction leaflet

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