PH Portable Meter – SensoDirect pH300


A sturdy, reliable and accurate hand-held meter for the measurement of pH value, ORP / Redox and Temperature.


  • The water-tight housing complies with IP67 and is equipped as standard with shock absorbing rubber protective armouring and built-in electrode holder, ensuring reliable operation even in extreme ambient conditions
  • The support can be flipped up to hang the meter on pipes or branches
  • PC interface for data download (USB / Serial or analogue)
  • Good Laboratory Practice (GLP-features)
  • Clear, concise result reading: easy-to-read backlit LCD display
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)
  • High resolution (0.0001 pH / 0.1 mV)
  • Automatic Hold function “freezes” stable measuring data in the display and indicates the presence of stable and reproducible results. 1, 2 and 3 point calibration.
  • Auto Power Off
  • Additional display for pH electrode and battery Bar graph display
  • pH calibration – Automatic buffer recognition with Lovibond? Standard Buffer, DIN 19266 Buffer or any manually entered buffer values
  • Redox measurements (ORP), 2 options: “mV” Standard Redox or mV measurement ; “mVH” Conversion to hydrogen systems according to DIN38404 Part 6
  • rH measurement – the rH value is calculated from a measured Redox value and a manually input pH value


  • Drinking Water
  • Cooling/Boiler Water
  • Waste Water
  • Pool water
  • Surface Water
  • Water Treatment Companies
  • Industrial and Governmental Laboratories

Lovibond? Electrodes/Measuring Probes:

The wide variety of high-quality electrodes and measuring probes for the SensoDirect meters makes them suitable for almost any application in water analysis, industry and research.

pH combination electrodes made of glass and plastic, with gel or liquid electrolyte, as well as various temperature sensors (NTC 30kOhm, Pt1000) are considered standard for modern pH meters.

Redox electrodes made of plastic with gel electrolyte and platinum tip are hardwearing and easy to use.


1 year on instrument, 6 months on electrode

Measuring Ranges:

pH -2.000 … 16.000 pH
Redox / mV -2000.0 … 2000.0 mV
Temperature -5.0 … + 150.0°C
rH 0.0 … 70.0 rH


pH ±?0.005 pH
Redox / mV ±?0.05 % FS (mV or mVH)
Temperature ±?0.2 °C
(-5.0 … + 100.0°C
rH ±?0.1 rH


pH, Redox BNC female connector, compatible to standard BNC plugs and waterproof BNC plugs, additional banana-jack (4 mm) for separate reference electrodeinput resistance: 1012 Ohm
Temperature 2 banana jacks (4 mm) for temperature probe (Pt 1000 or NTC 10K)
Interface / Supply 4-pole bayonet connector for serial interface and supply (with accessory USB 300)
Display two 4.5 digit seven segment display (15 mm and 12 mm)


Automatically / Manually 1, 2 or 3 point calibration, Lovibond? Standard Buffer or Buffer to DIN 19266
Protection class IP67 (housing and connections)
Dimensions 160 x 86 37 mm (H x W x D) including protection cover
Weight 250 g including battery and protective armouring
Housing impact resistant ABS housing with pop-up clip
Armouring shock absorbing protective armouring
Power Supply 2 x AAA-battery (included) power consumption: < 1.0 mA
Battery Life 1000 hours

Delivery Content:

  • SensoDirect pH300 instrument
  • batteries
  • pH/temp. plastic-electrode type 230
  • pH-buffer-set (pH 4.00/7.00/10.00)
  • in case
  • manual
  • guarantee sheet

NOTE: We recommend that you also purchase the pH Buffer Kit – this is required for accurate and reproducible results. The procedure is explained in the leaflet.

DO ALSO store the electrode in Electrode Storage Solution for a longer life span and more accurate results.

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