Colony Counter

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Easy to use Colony Counter model 570 with built-in electronic register.

Designed with all solid state circuitry and pressure sensor systems – provides uniform sensitivity over the whole working field, suitable for counting bacteria growing on all agar contained in different sized petri dishes.


  • Built-in electronic register on deluxe mode – operated by any pen.
  • Pressure sensor system provides uniform sensitivity over the whole of the working field.
  • A reset button provides immediate zeroing of the 4-digit counter.
  • Flexible adjuster accepts 10 cm to 15 cm petri dishes.
  • Adjustable focusing arm allows 1.5x standard lens to be raised or lowered to your preference. It also enables the magnifying glass to be placed at various angles of working position. The focusing arm can also accommodate lenses of various magnitude.
  • Lens can be rotated 360° for ready access to petri plates.
  • Background plate can be changed to white or black for easy counting.
  • Contains the latest electronic type ring-shaped lamp. At a touch, the fluorescent tube lights up directly or indirectly over the entire petri plate surface for a steady, non-glare and quiet illumination; providing the operator with the most comfortable working environment.
  • The number of counts is capable of being registered to maximum of 4-digits, i.e. 9999, and displayed on bright red LED.
  • Intelligent counting technology enables the Model 570 to count with any kind of marking pen. Every time a count is registered, the beeper gives an audible signal to verify entry.
Model 570
Working Principle Pressure sensor system provides uniform sensitivity over the whole of the working field.
Readout 4-digit bright red, 0.6 inch LED display
Petri Dish Holder Accept 10 cm to 15 cm dish using flexible adjuster
Illumination Ring-shaped lamp provides direct or indirect illumination
Zero Reset Button Yes
Modes of Counting Marking pen counting, switch pen counting
Dimensions 30 x 33 x 10 cm (W x D x H)
Power 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Nett Weight 5kg
  • Colony Counter
  • 1.5 x auxilary
  • adjustable focusing arm
  • marking pen
  • power cord
  • manual

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Weight 5.00 kg