Bottle Pressure Tester


Designed to test the pressure of PET plastic bottles.


Up to 3 litre PET plastic bottles


  • PET / plastic bottles can be tested up to a pressure of 14 bar
  • The tester uses compressed air or nitrogen gas to pressurise the sample bottle which is filled with water via the reservoir mounted on top of the test chamber
  • The compressed air, or nitrogen, is fed to the top of the reservoir and controlled by a main operating valve and a snubber valve which regulates the flow of gas into the reservoir
  • The sample bottle is secured by its neck in the closed test chamber and may be observed during the test through a polycarbonate safety window
  • The test pressure is read from a large dial pressure gauge and should the bottle burst during the test, a red following pointer on the gauge will remain at the bursting pressure
  • If the bottle reaches maximum test pressure without bursting then the the pressure in the system is relieved by a slide valve before removing the bottle
  • A drain pipe and sump is provided to run off surplus water
  • The testers are of rugged construction and designed to ensure safety and convenience of operation
  • They are attractively finished to fit into a laboratory environment

1 x Bottle Pressure Tester

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